Countries in the Western European continent are tourist destinations that are arguably very popular in the world. Not surprisingly, by being blessed with beautiful nature accompanied by modern and highly developed life, countries in Western Europe are coveted by travelers. Look at the following seven cities, if you are curious how attractive tourist destinations in Western Europe.

1. Paris, France

Who does not know Paris? Not only being the largest city, Paris is also the capital of France. This city is often called the City of Light. This title is not merely because of the brightly lit streets of Paris and its magnificent monuments. Paris is called the City of Light because it has long been one of the intellectual capitals of Western civilization, or in other words: the center of enlightenment.
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Many people consider Paris is the most beautiful city in the world. Only a few capitals of the countries of the world have a character as complete as Paris. Paris is also one of the main tourist destinations and the center of fashion world. Starting from the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre Museum where the famous Mona Lisa paintings can be found in Paris.

2. Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich is indeed listed as one of the most expensive cities in the world. The cost of living such as eating, drinking, recreation to entertainment is so high. However, Zurich also has a variety of enchantments that deserve to be taken into account.

Switzerland has a beautiful natural contour because it is located in the foothills of the Alps. The country also has a fairly long history of the city and traces of that civilization can still be easily found in Zurich.
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Immaculate, beautiful, and classic is the first impression when setting foot in Zurich. Beautiful buildings and modern transportation make your eyes wide open. Very loss if not stored in camera shots.

3. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The city of Amsterdam is one of the favorite tourist destinations in the Netherlands. The unique design of the city with the architecture of typical European architecture, coupled with canals that connect the city make tourists feel at home for long to stay in Amsterdam.

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The capital of the Netherlands offers a wide variety of experiences for tourists, ranging from the romantic atmosphere, building icons, art, food, historical facts, and of course the amazing nightlife. Amsterdam is a beautiful city in the morning and at the same time a challenging city at night.

4. Saint Tropez, Prancis

Decades ago, Saint Tropez was just a fishing village. Now, the city which is not so far from Merseille is famous as a must-visit destination for famous first-class figures to spend the summer. One of the cities along the French Riviera (Côte d’Azur), the Mediterranean seafront region of southeast France is famous for its beauty.


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People look for the authenticity of France in Saint-Tropez, which is a small and beautiful city, without high-rise buildings. Even so, Saint-Tropez also has a large number of five-star boutique hotels, and more than 600 stores that display luxury brands. This city is one of the first places used as a place to display products by a number of well-known brands, because it is eyeing the number of wealthy tourists.

5. Dublin, Irlandia

Various tourist attractions in the city of Dublin are located nearby. Almost everything can be visited by foot. In one day it is possible to surround the General Post Office (GPO), Ha’Penny / Liffey Bridge, City Hall, Dublin Castle, Dublinia, Christ Church Cathedral, St. St. Patrick’s Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Patrick’s Park and Temple Bar area on foot.

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Attractions that can be visited on foot supported by special pedestrian comfortable sidewalks. In fact, for sidewalks on the banks of the Liffey river, equipped with chairs to sit around enjoying the river views. These things are what make Dublin a comfortable city for tourists to visit.

that’s the 5 best cities that have attractions that are very charming and famous to all corners of the world.