Romantic Cities Europe Have Not Been Visited Many Tourists – Romantic cities in Europe that have not been visited by many tourists. Europe is a dream destination for many travelers. France, Spain, the Netherlands and many other countries that attract tourists.

However, apart from that, of course there are still some interesting spots on the European Continent that are not yet too popular with tourists, these are 5 of them:


1. Colmar

Colmar is a city located in France which is to the east of France and borders with Germany.

Colmar offers views of beautiful ornamental flowers. The people of Colmar always decorate their homes with colorful flowers and various other knick-knacks. Guaranteed, you won’t get bored being here. Apart from that Colmar also has many antique ancient buildings. One of them is a cathedral church built since the 12th century.

We can also enjoy the view of the house full of beautiful flowers by taking a boat along the river.

2. Perouges

In France, besides Colmar, Perouges can also be interesting if you want to find a romantic atmosphere. I was constantly amazed when I set foot in this place. The atmosphere is typical of a European village in the middle ages -creepy and the nuance of ‘legend’- is very pronounced.

If you visit Perouges it’s best in April or June because in those months Perouges holds a spring festival.


3. Seville

Seville is a city in Spain. One of the largest cities being the capital of the autonomous region of Andalusia. The city with the warmest climate in Europe has an average temperature of 18.6 degrees Celsius. Yes, the temperature is quite hot in Europe.

Although this city is a modern city, it is arguably not that crowded and crowded. For me personally, this city is the most beautiful old city in Spain.
Ah one more thing, if you visit Seville, don’t forget to visit Seville Cathedral, a must!

4. Monaco

Monaco is a small country that is very rich. When you visit Monaco, you will see a neat and clean city layout. Instead of feeling rich for a moment.

The country is located on the outskirts of the Mediterranean sea, between the city of Nice in France and the Italian border.

There is a lot of history in the formation of this tiny country. One of them is about the fort on a cliff jutting into the Mediterranean Sea.

The unique fact of this country is that its national flag is similar to Indonesia, namely red and white. But you need to know that the proportions of the flag colors are different. If we look closely, there is a different scale on the Indonesian flag, namely 3: 6 and the Monaco flag has a scale of 4: 5.

5. Porto

Porto is the oldest city in Europe and has been recognized by UNESCO. When visiting Porto, you will see views of typical Portuguese houses.

The land surface in Porto is in the form of hills with a river that divides the city. There are so many old buildings that you can find when you come to Porto. Enjoying the beauty of the old city on foot is not a waste. Moreover, while enjoying the clarity of the river in Douro which is connected to the Atlantic Ocean.

If you are a culinary person, you will consider Porto a paradise. The food in this city is relatively cheap, so don’t go crazy!

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