Stanwick St John


All this has permitted a remarkable sense of peace and quiet; the only road traversing the parish is a third class one, narrow and winding. The adjacent parish of Forcett still has its old manor house, Forcett Hall, with its parkland and lake, nowadays open for concerts. Development has been restricted there also, resulting in a countryside of farms of arable and pasture land, whose peace is only broken by the larger farm machinery or the luckily infrequent scream of jets from the airbase at Leeming about 12 miles away.

*Not to be confused with the Parish Church Council, whose job it is to look after the church in the adjacent village of Aldbrough St John and the burial ground – still in use – around our church.

For non- residents, Stanwick St John is pronounced “Stannik Sent Jon” – the “w” is silent.

(In the air photo, which looks north, the nuclear village is clear with the church in the middle distance and Kirkbridge courtyard opposite. In the foreground are the residual large (converted) stable buildings and the original gardens which are now private dwelling areas, with the lodge house to the right. Running right from the top of the picture is the tree-lined ancient embankment of ‘Stanwick Fort’.

Carlton is beyond the area of the picture to the top right)

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